Yoga For Women

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Discover how yoga can provide health benefits specifically for your female body, whatever stage of life you’re at.

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Women have different health needs compared to men, such as being more prone to asthma, thyroid disease, and osteoporosis, and can use yoga to mitigate against such health threats. You may be pregnant or a new mother, balancing family commitments, or feel exhausted all the time – Yoga for Women has ideal programmes to help you find renewed energy and inner calm. Find out how certain asanas can build bone strength or a healthy respiratory system, relieve stress and boost energy, improve your sex life, provide gentle exercise during pregnancy, or alleviate pain or the symptoms of menopause. Start with the basics, including simple warm-ups and poses that will enhance your well-being. Then explore sequences that help you to guard against female health issues and meet the challenges that life presents. Yoga for Women is perfect for women at every stage of life.


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