What Was I Scared Of

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“What Was I Scared Of?” tells the tale of a character who repeatedly meets up with an empty pair of pale-green pants. The character, who is the narrator, is initially afraid of the pants, which are able to stand on their own despite the lack of a wearer.

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I was deep within the woods/When, suddenly, I spied them./I saw a pair of pale green pants/With nobody inside them! What’s a pair of empty green trousers doing by itself in the woods? Or riding a bike through town? The narrator of What Was I Scared Of? does not want to find out. The spooky pants give him the creeps! This Seussian gem from The Sneetches and Other Stories shines on its own as it delivers a timeless message about fear and tolerance. Perfect for slumber parties and perusal by flashlight–it comes with a sheet of spooky glowing stickers bound inside as an added bonus!


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