Tiger who came to tea

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This classic story of Sophie and her extraordinary tea-time guest has been loved by millions of children since it was first published over 30 years ago. Now a new generation will enjoy this beautiful reformatted edition!

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A little girl named Sophie is having tea with her mother in their kitchen, when she hears the doorbell ring. Soon, Sophie and her mother are joined for tea by a kind tiger who drinks all the tea before eating all the food in the house and then drinking everything, even draining all the water from the taps. After the tiger leaves, Sophie’s father comes home from work and suggests that they all go out and have a lovely meal in a cafe. The following day, Sophie and her mother go out to buy some more food, including a big tin of tiger food. Despite the tin of tiger food being requested by Sophie, the tiger never returns (hence the tiger plays a trumpet with the word “Goodbye” coming out of the end of it).

Shtëpia Botuese

Harper Collins

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