The Secret Garden

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Do you like secrets? You might say that The Secret Garden is organized around secrets. The main character, Mary, is a secret from her parents’ associates. Colin, the young boy she meets at her new home, is also kept secret from his family and himself. The new home itself has many locked rooms and its servants are forbidden to speak of its history. Then the secret garden is brought into view. The garden that Mary uncovers has been kept secret for years, and the effect it has on her and others who find it changes their lives forever…

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The Secret Garden by Frances Burnett is one of the best-loved stories of all time. Mary Lennox was horrid. Selfish and spoilt, she was sent to stay with her hunchback uncle in Yorkshire. She hated it. But when she finds the way into a secret garden and begins to tend to it, a change comes over her and her life. She meets and befriends a local boy, the talented Dickon, and comes across her sickly cousin Colin who had been kept hidden from her. Between them, the three children work astonishing magic in themselves and those around them.

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