Tales of mystery and imagination

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Tales of Mystery & Imagination (often rendered as Tales of Mystery and Imagination) is a popular title for posthumous compilations of writings by American author, essayist and poet Edgar Allan Poe and was the first complete collection of his works specifically restricting itself to his suspenseful and related tales.

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The book, Tales of Mystery and Imagination, is written by Edgar Allen Poe, who was born 1809 in Boston, USAand who died in 1850.There are five short horror stories in it. These stories will take you in the shadow world of he imagination, into a land of horror and dreams and madness. Blood, terror, darkness, mystery are the keys to decoding Edgar Allan Poe’s work. Included are the very first modern detective stories, The Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Mystery of Marie Roget and The Purloined Letter. As well as these are the most famous of Poe’s works, including The Pit and the Pendulum, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Premature Burial and The Tell-Tale Heart.

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