Surrounded by Psychopaths

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Using the same simple four-color system of behavior classification that made Surrounded by Idiots so popular, Surrounded by Psychopaths teaches readers how to deal with psychopaths in their lives by becoming aware of their own behavior and their weaknesses.

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Surrounded by Psychopaths by Thomas Erikson is a book designed to help people identify and cope with psychopathic behaviour. Through case studies, personal anecdotes, and psychological insight, the author discusses how these personalities have affected our lives positively and negatively. He also explains why it’s important to recognize when someone might be exhibiting this form of behaviour, as well as providing tips for dealing with them in everyday life. The book covers topics such as understanding what influences psychopathic behaviour, recognizing the signs of psychopathy, distinguishing between psychopaths and other personality types, developing strategies for communication with a psychopathic person, learning how to stay safe around them and how to protect yourself from their manipulation. Erikson provides readers with a tool-kit of strategies to help them identify, protect themselves from and deal with psychopathic behaviour in their own lives. Ultimately, the book serves as a guide for anyone who wants to better understand and manage relationships with people exhibiting this type of personality. The author does not aim to misinform or generalize all psychopaths, but rather encourages an understanding of this complex psychological diagnosis so that those affected can recognize it in others and protect themselves from harm. Surrounded by Psychopaths offers an enlightening view into this often misunderstood topic, helping readers gain insight and understanding so they can effectively manage interactions with any kind of person.


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