Selected Political Speeches

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Cicero was thought to be the greatest orator in the Roman world during his life. Cicero wrote a variety of philosophical, rhetorical (on the study and practice of rhetoric), political and legal works. However, this compilation does not include any of those works. Instead, it is composed entirely of his speeches. There are nine, and they are ordered chronologically through his life.

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As the Roman Republic lurched to its close, amid corruption, ruthless power struggles and gross inequality, Cicero produced some of the most stirring and eloquent speeches ever written. Whether he is quashing the Catiline conspiracy, defending the poet Archais or railing against Mark Anthony in the Philippics – The magnificent speeches in defense of liberty that cost him his life – cicero vividly evokes for us the cut and thrust of the Roman assembly, Senate and court rooms. This excellent modern translation also enables readers to understand why Cicero was for centuries a major influence on prose writers and political thinkers of ever kind.


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