Oh Thinks You Can Dr Seuss

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Oh the Thinks you Can Think introduces various questions about the nature of thought, imagination, reality, art, and representation. Full of puns and silly rhymes, this classic Dr. Seuss book will challenge young readers to puzzle through philosophical questions of imagination, reality and art.

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The book begins with a reader thinking about colors or animals that she knows, like birds, or horses, but as quickly as page three he asks the reader to think of something completely made up; a GUFF. A Guff is a sort of puffy fluff. Next he thinks up a dessert. Of all the made up things in this image the focus is on the dessert. Other than that it is beautiful and has a cherry on top. After thinking of colors and known animals, then made up animals and made up dessert he moves on to made up activities, like Kitty O’Sullivan Krauss’s balloon swimming pool. After Seuss presents the reader with various things to think up, he then moves on to questions the readers should ask themselves, such as how much water can fifty elephants drink or what if someone meets a JIBBOO. There is no explanation for what a JIBBOO is, as there is a sketchy image leaving audience to wonder and think up a story for the JIBBOO. In typical Seuss fashion things get busier and more colorful at the end. He fills the page with many crazy creatures and much activity when he asks the reader why so many things go to the right. This causes the reader’s eyes to scan the page taking in every detail until she is finally willing to turn the page. The final page is a busier and more colorful version of the first page, with bird-like creatures walking along a curved path, breaking the laws of gravity just as the text breaks the rules of reading left to right.


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