Oh say can you say?

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Oh Say Can You Say? is a children’s book written and illustrated by Theodor Geisel under the pen name Dr. Seuss, and published in 1979 by Random House. It is a collection of 22 tongue-twisters. It was Dr. Seuss’s last beginner book.

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Tongue twisters are more fun than almost anything, and that’s why they’re so easy to read. Beginners will laugh all the way through every page of ‘Oh Say Can You Say? “I can read it all be myself” is the Beginner Books motto, and behind it is an understanding of how important it is for children to take pride and pleasure in their early reading. They are designed to appeal directly to children through the use of humor, rhyme and bright pictures that can be “read” even by the non-reading child.
With his unique combination of hilarious stories, zany pictures and riotous rhymes, Dr. Seuss has been delighting young children, as well as helping them learn to read for over fifty years. Creator of the wonderfully anarchic ‘Cat in the Hat’, and ranked among the world’s top children’s authors, Dr. Seuss is a global best-seller, with nearly half a billion books sold worldwide.

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