Mend it, Wear it, Love it!

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A practical tool kit for mending your clothes and upcycling your wardrobe. Parting with damaged, yet beloved, clothes can be one of the saddest moments, but what if you were able to repair, refresh, and extend the life of your threadbare favourites.

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The Art of Mending and Sewing Mend It. Wear It. Love It is for everyone! Packed full of simple fixes, as well as advanced techniques, this book is perfect for sewers, crafters, and fashion lovers of all experience levels. Inside the pages of this sewing handbook discover: – Beautiful, step-by-step line illustrations and clear instructions that demystify mending techniques. – How to make your clothes last longer with clever storage and stain removal. – Thrifty tips and tricks to help you upcycle your pre-loved garments. – Highlights the sustainability benefits of mending and caring for clothes. Now you can cherish all your garments, even those in the furthest corner of your closet! This sewing book for beginners will help you master the skills to repair a seam and mend a hem, even if you’ve never touched a needle and thread before! This sewing book arms you with the techniques you need to enjoy your clothes for longer and express your creativity. Detailed step-by-step illustrations and clear instructions explain how to sew, re-purpose, and care for your clothes in a range of materials.


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