Kafka on the Shore

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Kafka on the Shore interweaves between two parallel plots to tell the story of Kafka Tamura — a 15-year-old boy who runs away from home to escape an Oedipal curse and Nakata — an elderly Japanese man who has an uncanny ability to speak to cats due to a childhood accident and who spends his days locating and returning …

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Kafka Tamura sits in his father’s study. Kafka has decided that he will run away from his home in Tokyo on his fifteenth birthday. Crow (an imagined persona whom Kafka consults for advice when he finds himself in stressful situations) advises Kafka to be tough and strong. Feeling as if he is preparing for a journey that will change him forever, Kafka packs a knife, some money, and a picture of himself and his older sister on the beach from when Kafka was young. Both his older sister and his mother left the family when Kafka was just four, so this is the only memory he has of them. Kafka has spent years building up his physical and mental strength, training to be able to escape his cruel father and survive as a runaway. But he fears that no matter how far he runs, he will never be able to escape a dark omen that follows him everywhere.


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