How to Enjoy Your Life and Job

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How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job will help you create a new approach to life and people and discover talents you never knew you had. Dale Carnegie can help you get the most out of yourself — all the time. Start developing your innate strengths and abilities — start enriching your life TODAY!

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Even if you love your work, you probably have days when almost nothing goes right. Bestselling author Dale Carnegie shows you how to make every day more exciting and rewarding — how you can get more done, and have more fun doing it. Dale Carnegie’s time-tested advice will help you to: Make other people feel important — and do it sincerely, avoid unnecessary tension — save your energy for important duties, get people to say yes — immediately, turn routine tasks into stimulating opportunities. Spot a sure-fire way of making enemies — and avoid it. Smile in the face of criticism — you’ve done your very best!


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