Hop on Pop

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This charming book introduces young children to words that rhyme, such as Hop and Pop, Cup and Pup, Mouse and House, Tall and Small. And once they have learned to recognize one word, children soon find to their delight they can read another simply by changing the first letter.

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Hop on Pop is one of many books for early readers written by children’s author Dr. Seuss. The object of this book is to introduce young children to simple language, phonics, and rhyme. In this story, Seuss presents a number of different rhymes, including “Hop and Pop,” “Cup and Pup,” “Mouse and House,” and “Tall and Small,” in a way that is easy for toddlers to understand. Although simple, Seuss manages to make this text fun and unique, telling a humorous story about a number of fantastical creatures. Many parents and readers have celebrated the author’s ability to make early reading interesting and approachable for young children, in a way that is even interesting for adults.


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