Five Little Pigs

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Five Little Pigs is a work of detective fiction by British writer Agatha Christie. The book features detective Hercule Poirot investigating five people about a murder committed sixteen years earlier. Caroline Crale died in prison after being wrongfully convicted of murdering her husband, Amyas Crale, by poisoning him. In her final letter from prison, she claims to be innocent of the murder. Her daughter Carla Lemarchant asks Poirot to investigate this cold case, based on the memories of the people closest to the couple.

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Sixteen years after Caroline Crale was convicted for the murder of her husband Amyas, her daughter Carla Lemarchant asks Hercule Poirot to reinvestigate the case, after she was given a letter from her late mother claiming she was innocent, which Carla believes to be true. Poirot agrees to her request and establishes that on the day of the murder at the Crales’ home there were five other people present, whom Poirot dubs “the five little pigs” – stockbroker Philip Blake, amateur chemist Meredith Blake (Philip’s brother), Caroline’s young half-sister Angela Warren, Angela’s governess Cecilia Williams and Amyas’s painting model Elsa Greer. The police found that Amyas was poisoned by coniine, found in a glass he had drunk from. Poirot interviews the five other suspects and notes that none has an obvious motive. But who is the real killer…?


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