Beast of Buckingham Palace

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When Alfred’s beloved mother the queen is dragged off to the Tower of London, the boy must summon all his courage to embark on an epic quest to save her… and the entire world. Travel forward in time for a fantastical adventure – a story of myth and legend that will enthral you right to its thrilling end.

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Alfred is a sickly boy. At least that’s what he’s been told over and over by his Nanny, and his mum and dad – the King The Beast of Buckingham Palace Book Review Coverand Queen of England. He spends most of his time in bed, and with little energy, spends his days reading. He loves historical books most of all. The year is 2120 and Alfred has never been outside his home of Buckingham Palace. He’s read about a glowing ball called the sun, and that people could once feel its warmth on their face and even see the moon and the stars at night. Those times are long gone, and Britain is now cloaked in a dark, grey gloom. Outside Buckingham Palace there is cold and hunger and the Revolutionists -rebels wanting to bring down what’s left of Britain – at least that’s what palace officials say. One night Alfred sees his own mother (the queen) being dragged off by the palace guards. She tells him to stay in his room, but he can’t stand the thought of what will happen to his mum in the Tower of London. Everybody knows, if the Lord Protector (the King’s advisor) sends you there, you’re never seen again! Alfred isn’t going to stand for it. His father has become doddery and lost, almost a puppet with the Lord Protector pulling the strings. But how does he have this power? With all the bravery Alfred can summon, he breaks palace rules, leaves his bedroom and leaps into a gobsmacking adventure! The more he sees this fateful night, the more Alfred believes that something is up. In fact, a lot of somethings! He must save the Queen! On the way he meets a submarine crew made up of elderly ladies in waiting – keen to use their 200 yr torpedo in their submarine. A street urchin named Mite helps with secret tunnels, and the Queen is not acting at all like the mum he knows. Explosions, laser guns, a secret ritual and royal blood. Incredibly brave old ladies, ancient creatures and the rising of the Union Jack. Chuck in some suspect Eggie Weggie (Alfred’s breakfast), and you have a full on adventure along window ledges, underwater tunnels, secret passages and even inside Big Ben!


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