Artemis Fowl and the Arctic

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Butler springs Artemis Fowl out of boarding school to save his kidnapped father. Russian Mafiya found Artemis senior in an Arctic shipwreck and are asking for ransom. One thing Artemis II knows for sure is that the Mafiya won’t leave him or his father alive even if they deliver the money.

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Goblin gangs (exactly as bad as it sounds) are planning an uprising, and it looks like they’ve had human help. Holly Short is convinced it’s her old nemesis, Artemis Fowl. But, for once, Artemis is innocent. He’s too busy getting his father back from the Arctic Circle, where the Russian Mafia (also very bad) is holding him prisoner. All Artemis has to do is clear his name, face the biggest criminal organisations in the world and avoid freezing to death. At least it’ll get him out of the house . . .


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